• about the book

    dripping in love, yearning, heartache and nostalgia, this is how we love is a hardback anthology featuring love letters, notes, poetry and artworks shared between lesbians across the globe, aged 15 to 74.

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    donate to our 'pay it forward' fund to help make this is how we love accessible to everybody, or add your name to the recipients list.

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  • about the editor

    aischa daughtery is an award-winning poet, fiction writer and editor who lives, works and writes in glasgow. she is currently a student on the university of glasgow's creative writing mlitt. this is her first book.

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  • louise welsh

    "this is how we love is a necessary book, an archive of lesbian love, joy, sorrow, nostalgia, good times and domesticity. it is a book of steel and sticky marshmallow, a glimpse into the lives of others, a mirror to ourselves. aischa daughtery has done the world a service in putting this collection together. it is an object of beauty and solace that i know i will return to."

  • ollie o'neill

    "for so long, by deliberate omission or for the sake of survival, lesbian love and life has often evaded thorough and deliberate archival. this book is a necessary piece of work - beautifully capturing our love, heartbreak, our lives and our longing with tender care and earnestness. this is how we love is a true gift for those of us who get to read it today, and for those to whom it will be gifted to as history in the future."

  • elizabeth reeder

    "this is a wonderfully celebratory book of everyday love. these handmade letters, notes, receipts, sketches and photos are exaltations of love, and to see these intimate moments of joy between lesbians expressed and shared is to be in the best sort of company. this book is like walking into a favourite gay bar with your love’s hand grasping your own and settling into your body (and community) as it is at its most joyful."

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